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Lambeth Conference: Archbishop of Cape Town calls on bishops to ‘express your difference’

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Primate of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, has called on Anglican bishops to attend the next Lambeth Conference despite differences within the Anglican Communion.  Thabo chairs the international Design Group, brought together by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to plan the once-in-a-decade gathering of Anglican bishops, which will take place in Canterbury, Kent, July 23-Aug. 2, 2020.

Preliminary cathedral reinstatement works underway as Christchurch greets new bishop

[Anglican Communion News Service] The new bishop of Christchurch in New Zealand, Peter Carrell, will be consecrated and installed Feb. 8 as efforts to reconstruct the earthquake damaged cathedral are finally underway. The cathedral was all but destroyed in the June 2011 earthquake. Years of dispute and legal wrangling over its future came to an end in September 2017 when the diocese agreed to rebuild the cathedral, with funding support from national and local government.

Tributes paid following the death of former Church of England evangelist Michael Green

[Anglican Communion News Service]  The renowned evangelist, theologian and apologist Dr Michael Green, who once served as senior evangelism advisor to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, has died in hospital at the age of 88.

Communications Director at the Anglican Communion Office to move on

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Anglican Communion’s Director for Communications, Adrian Butcher, is stepping down after three years. Butcher, who worked for BBC News for 25 years before coming to the Anglican Communion Office (ACO), took up the post just before the last meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC-16) in Zambia. He will leave in May after ACC-17 in Hong Kong.

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Les rapports paroissiaux 2018 sont à soumettre aux diocèses le 1er mars et au Bureau de la Convention générale le 1er mai : le dépôt en ligne est disponible.

Le dépôt en ligne des Rapports paroissiaux 2018 est maintenant ouvert pour toutes les congrégations sur le site de L’Église épiscopale.  En plus du formulaire, vous trouverez également sur cette page web des instructions étape par étape ainsi qu’un livret de travail pour vous aider avec ce processus.

Los Informes Parroquiales de 2018 deben estar en las diócesis el 1 de marzo y en la Oficina de la Convención General el 1 de mayo: la presentación en línea está disponible

La presentación en línea del Informe Parroquial de 2018 de todas las congregaciones de La Iglesia Episcopal ahora está disponible en el sitio web de La Iglesia Episcopal. Además del formulario, la página también ofrece instrucciones paso a paso y libros de trabajo para guiarle a usted a través de este proceso.

Tribunal de Revisión para Obispos: Rvdmo. J. Jon Bruno

El Tribunal de Revisión para Obispos dio a conocer, el 31 de enero de 2019, su dictamen en el asunto disciplinario del Título IV que implicaba al Rvdmo. J. Jon Bruno. El Tribunal de Revisión sostuvo la decisión del tribunal eclesiástico [o Panel de Audiencias] y la sentencia, aunque ajustó la misma de que comenzara con la decisión del Tribunal Eclesiástico y no con el dictamen del Tribunal de Revisión.

As election nears, Maine Bishop, Standing Committee keep candidate cleared in discipline matter on slate

[Episcopal News Service]  Diocese of Maine Bishop Stephen T. Lane and the Standing Committee issued a statement Feb. 7 regarding one of the candidates for the 10th bishop of Maine. A response from the candidate, also follows. An election convention is scheduled for Feb. 9 in Bangor.

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, the Bishop and Standing Committee received information regarding one of our nominees for bishop, the Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee.

New Anglican Communion bishops receive induction in Canterbury, Lambeth and the ACO

[Anglican Communion News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will Feb. 7 welcome nearly 30 new Anglican bishops from around the world to his official London residence Lambeth Palace. Earlier inthe day, the bishops were at the Anglican Communion Office (ACO) in west London. They are taking part in an annual 10-day course run by Canterbury Cathedral – the Mother Church of the Anglican Communion – to teach them about the role of a bishop and the Anglican Communion.

Archbishop of Canterbury meets Jordan’s King Abdullah during regional Primates’ Meeting in Amman

[Anglican Communion News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who was in the Jordanian capital Amman for a regional Anglican Primates’ Meeting, has met King Abdullah II of Jordan. A statement issued by the Royal Court said that the meeting covered Jordan’s efforts in safeguarding Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and preserving its identity as a unifying city of peace; as well as Jordan’s efforts to promote interfaith dialogue and harmony.


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