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Bishop of Polynesia addresses festivalgoers in England on climate change

[Anglican Taonga] Archbishop Winston Halapua of Polynesia has taken his concerns about climate justice and his moana theology message to a new stage – to the immaculate grounds of a stately hall in the English midlands.

Le Primat Michael Curry sur le sujet de l’ouragan Harvey

[Bureau des Relations publiques de l’Église épiscopale] Il y a fort longtemps le prophète Malachie nous a enseigné que nous sommes tous des enfants de Dieu en vertu de notre création par le même Dieu. « N’avons-nous pas tous un seul père ? Un seul Dieu ne nous a-t-il pas créés ? », demandait-il (2 :10). Jésus nous a enseigné la même chose lorsqu’il a relaté le récit du Bon Samaritain. Nous sommes tous en effet les enfants de Dieu. Et si nous sommes tous les enfants de Dieu, nous sommes alors tous frères et sœurs.

An ecclesiastical mystery with Civil War roots opens a new chapter

[Episcopal News Service] A mid-1800s communion service that once was lost has now been found and returned home to Christ Church in Millwood, Virginia, but the story of its 162-year absence remains a mystery.

New primate elected in Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean

[Anglican Communion News Service] Bishop James Wong of the Seychelles has been elected as the new archbishop and primate of the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean. He succeeds Archbishop Ian Ernest who served for 11 years. The election took place on Aug. 26 at the Provincial Synod in Mauritius. Archbishop James has committed himself to the fostering of links within the communion.

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