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El Obispo Presidente Curry en materia de trata de personas: ‘la trata de personas es un crimen que va en contra de los principios más básicos de nuestra fe’

El Obispo Presidente y Primado de la Iglesia Episcopal Michael B. Curry ha emitido la siguiente declaración sobre la trata de personas.

Mientras conmemoramos a nivel nacional el mes de la concientización sobre la trata de personas de 2018 es importante reconocer que el tráfico de personas es un crimen que va en contra de los principios más básicos de nuestra fe. Desafortunadamente, es también muy común y pone a millones [de personas] en riesgo cada día.

Review proposes law change to improve governance of English cathedrals

[Anglican Communion News Service] A major review of the governance of the 42 cathedrals in England has recommended a change in the law to improve their governance. The review recommends the retention of chapter as the governing body of a cathedral, but with a clearer emphasis on its governance role. It says that the dean should chair the chapter alongside an independent lay vice-chair nominated by the diocesan bishop. The report recommends that at least two-thirds of the non-executive members would be laity.

Melbourne bishop defends ‘fine’ South Sudanese over ‘African-gangs media-frenzy’

[Anglican Communion News Service] The assistant bishop in the Diocese of Melbourne, Philip Huggins, has come to the defense of the South Sudanese migrant and refugee community in the Australian state of Victoria, after a local “media frenzy” about African gangs. There have been a number of high-profile crimes blamed on groups of young African men, including assaults and vandalism, mainly in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Some matters are now before the courts, and politicians have been quick to weigh-in with their thoughts.


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