Faith-Full Families

Faith-Full Families is a fun faith-development program where parents and their young children (ages 3-11) learn about Christian values through song, projects, and prayer.  The program was introduced at St. Jude's in 1998 by Josetta Walsh and Kris Goodrich (the Child and Family Institute's founders ). The monthly meetings are open to anybody, even if you don't attend Saint Jude's.

A typical Faith-Full Families evening includes: a greeting/gathering time with games for children, prayer before a potluck dinner, a family project tying the liturgical calendar to the "Hallmark" calendar, and a closing/blessing with songs.  A key component of the projects is that they are designed to be used at home for the subsequent month, thereby tying day-to-day family life closer to the worship activities of the church.

The projects and songs are directed at children ages 3 to 11.  Families with any children in the 3-11 age group are encouraged to attend and may bring their younger or older children.  Siblings under 3 won't understand the whole evening, but they will enjoy the family focus and begin to join St. Jude's community of youth.  Older kids may enjoy being role models while helping their younger siblings or other children during the events.  

This is not an "if I can make it" program.  Faith-Full Families have committed to meet for two hours, one Sunday evening each month, from October through May. Participants have praised the program for building family identity, inclusion of the whole family, reinforcing St. Jude's community, and since young children are involved, the commitment to finish on time so bedtimes are not disrupted.

Contact the church office or Wilma for more information.

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.