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The True Nature of Joy

February 18, 2018
The Rev. Wilma Terry Jakobsen

Recommended Reading and Online Resources for Lenten Practices at Home

God’s Human Future

February 4, 2018
David Galston
PhD in the Philosophy of Religion from McGill University
David Galston is one of the speakers for the Jesus Seminar on the Road at St. Jude’s on February 2 and 3.  He will discuss ideas related to that seminar.

Meet the Candidates

January 21, 2018
Vestry and Diocesan Delegate Candidates

Meet Deacon Dave

January 7, 2018
The Rev. Dave Rickert

Now a PRIEST!!  Congratulations, Dave!!

Advent poetry and prose

December 17, 2017
GOTS writers

Barara Simmons & GOTS writers share Advent poetry & prose.

Comparison of Mark with other Gospels

December 10, 2017
The Rev. Wilma Terry Jakobsen
The Rev. Bruce R. Bramlett

Wilma and Bruce will discuss theological themes; comparison of Mark with other Gospels & questions such as, Why is there no birth narrative in Mark?

Intro to the Gospel of Mark

December 3, 2017
The Rev. Bruce R. Bramlett

Bruce offiers an introduction to the Gospel of Mark as we begin a new lectionary year.

The Science of Genetic Modification - CRISPR (pronounced Crisper)

November 19, 2017
Chris Kimberlin
PhD in Biophysics from The Scripps Research Institute
Howard Hill
D.Phil. in Physics from Oxford University, England

Over the past few years, a powerful new tool for genetic modification has been introduced.  It is called CRISPR (pronounced Crisper) and is based upon research about how bacteria defend against viral infection.  It has proven to be simpler and easier to implement than earlier methods, and has been used to modify genes in plants and animals, including humans.  Almost daily, there are new reports of applications of and improvements to these ideas.

'A storyteller’s religion: working theology into the mystery novel.'

November 5, 2017
Laurie King

Mystery writer Laurie R. King talks about weaving religious and
theological ideas into her fiction.



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