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Black History Month: Celebrating Local Pioneer Saints – A Dialog on Diversity and Mission

February 12, 2017
Jerry Drino
Rector Emeritus of St. Philip’s, San Jose and former Executive Director For InterCultural Ministry Development in Province 8 of the Episcopal Church

Last September marked the 150th Anniversary of the ordination of the Rev. Peter Williams Cassey, the first person of color ordained in the Episcopal Church west of the Mississippi in 1866 at Trinity Church, San Jose. He, his wife, Annie and the black community of San Jose founded St.

Jesus birth narrative in Matthew’s gospel

December 11, 2016
Bruce Bramlett
A Review of Historical/Theological Themes and Similarities/Differences with Other Gospel Texts

Hope and Reconciliation in Polarized Politics

November 13, 2016
Sarah Lapenta -H
Wilma Jakobsen and Bruce Bramlett
Post-elections, there is still much difference, division, and a full
range of emotions. Sarah Lapenta-H,  Wilma Jakobsen, and Bruce Bramlett

Fair minimum wage proposition

October 30, 2016
Dr. Michael Kevane

Dr. Michael Kevane of Santa Clara University will discuss the Fair Wage Proposition on the November Ballot.

Local Cupertino propositions on housing and Vallco

October 23, 2016
Steve Rudd
Bruce LaFetra

Steve Rudd and Bruce La Fetra discuss ballot measures for the upcoming November 8th election.  

Santa Clara County Measure A

Cupertino Measures C &  D

Proposition on Gun and Ammunition sales, speaker forthcoming

October 16, 2016
Don Veith
co-chair of the Santa Clara County Chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Don Veith is the co-chair of the Santa Clara County Chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  He worked on Sunnyvale's Measure C Campaign in 2013 and is a member of the Safe Cities Coalition working to pass similar sensible gun measures in San Jose. 


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