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Grief and Loss
Dr Lorraine Hutchinson
April 7, 2019
Grief and loss are experienced in many forms, following bereavement, loss of relationships, moving house or even changing jobs or retiring. The experience can be debilitating, yet can also lead to positive changes and even transformation. Psychotherapist Dr Lorraine Hutchinson explores how our faith can help us through our grief and loss, and, how our […]
Pain and Disabilities
Barbara Gawehn, RN, from Kaiser Chronic Pain Center
March 24, 2019
Transforming suffering through the lens of chronic pain with Barbara Gawehn, R.N., co-founder and manager of the Pain Management Rehabilitation Program at Kaiser, Santa Clara.  The program focuses on non-opioid methods of effectively dealing with chronic pain. Barbara’s previous professional experience includes Emergency Room nursing, as well as providing hospice care.  In addition to her […]
Journey and a Belief in Recovery
Susi and Harry
March 17, 2019
Susi and Harry are part of the Episcopal family and have been active members of St Andrews Saratoga for 27 years. They have real life familiarity with addiction including having experienced addiction’s impact on the family and know first hand it is a family disease. Susi and Harry will share their journey and a belief […]
Lenten Book Study: Boundless Compassion
The Rev. Wilma Jakobsen, The Rev. Bruce Bramlett
March 13, 2019
Boundless Compassion by Joyce Rupp These are the presentation slides from each of the Wednesday night reflections. March 13:  Chapter 1.  Compassion as a Way of Life.   Presentation slides March 20:  Chapter 2:  Welcoming Ourselves.  Presentation Slides March 27:  Chapter 3:  The River of Suffering.  Presentation Slides April 3:  Chapter 4:  From Hostility to […]
Transforming Faith: Spirituality and Transformation
Joy Hayter, Ph.D.
March 10, 2019
TRANSFORMING FAITH IN THE MIDST OF LIFE CHALLENGES: Spirituality and Transformation.  In this forum on Spirituality and Transformation, the first in the Lenten Transforming Faith series at St. Jude’s, Joy will explore with us what transformation is, and what it could mean in our lives. She will focus on God’s love as a transforming force, […]
Jazz Vespers – International Women’s Day
The Rev. Denise Tervine (Fritz translator), Mason Razavi & Friends
March 3, 2019
Speaker: Reflection by Rev. Denise Tervine from St Patrick’s, Haiti, who will be visiting us. Rev. Denise is one of the first women priests to be ordained in Haiti. Join us at this start of Women’s History month and International Women’s Day, for jazz standards and Haitian jazz numbers. Musicians: With 14 years of experience, […]
Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network
Jeremy Barousse
February 10, 2019
A speaker from SIREN (Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network)  will follow up Rabbi Melanie  Aron’s presentation,  with practical ways in which they assist immigrants and DACA students to become integrated, and ready for citizenship.   SIREN’s mission is to empower low-income immigrants and refugees through community education and organizing, leadership development, policy advocacy, civic engagement […]
Candidates for Vestry and Delegates to Convention
Candidates for Vestry and Delegates to Convention
January 20, 2019
Meet the candidates for vestry and delegate to Diocesean convention at our Forum this Sunday.  The election of vestry will be during St. Jude’s annual meeting on Sunday, Jan. 27.
The Birth Narrative of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke
The Rev. Bruce Bramlett
December 16, 2018
Bruce Bramlett discusses the Birth Narrative of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke.
The Gospel of Luke & Lectionary Year C
The Rev. Bruce Bramlett
December 9, 2018
Bruce Bramlett gives us background, themes and what differentiates the Gospel of Luke. The Gospel of Luke slides  
Advent Poetry and Prose
Barbara Simmons, GOTS Writers Group
December 2, 2018
Advent poetry and prose with Barbara Simmons and the GOTS writers group share and discuss writings of contemporary poets as they relate to our Advent journeys of the mind, body, and soul. Presentation-slides Advent prose 2018 The Singing of Angels Advent poetry 2018 Flameless Candles  
Difficult Family Conversations in the Holidays
LeMel Firestone-Palerm, Marriage & Family Therapist and St. Jude's parishioner
December 2, 2018
LeMel Firestone-Palerm, Marriage & Family Therapist and St. Jude’s parishioner, will facilitate discussion about the challenges we have in our conversations with family and friends when we differ in our opinions. Difficult Conversations Handout