Lent Joy Practice 2

Joy Practice #2                                              (Sunday Feb 25 – Saturday March 3)


1.  Sit comfortably.

2.  You can close your eyes or keep them open.

If you keep them open, keep your gaze soft and your focus inward. When the Dalai Lama meditates, his eyes remain open but with his gaze pointed slightly downward, not looking at anything specifically.

3.  Now pick a topic that is troubling you – think of something that you fear, something that is making you afraid.

Simply watch your thoughts and feelings arise and recognize that they are temporary, without judging or identifying with them. They all pass in time. Let them float through your mind like clouds in the sky.

4.  Now ask yourself, “Is my thought true? How do I know for sure? Does it help the situation?

Is there a better way of thinking about it or approaching the situation?” Let’s look at how we might analyze this fundamental and often challenging, negative human emotion.

5.  For fear, it can help to face the fear directly.

You can think of the worst thing that could happen if your fear comes true.

Now, could you or your loved one survive what might happen?

Could it actually be beneficial for you or your loved ones?

What could you or they learn if this were to happen?

How might this allow you or them to grow and deepen as a person? 

For example, perhaps you are worried about your child who is struggling in school and you are afraid that some bad outcome will come to pass.

Ask yourself, “is it true that this outcome will definitely happen? How do I know for sure? Does my worry help the situation?

Is there a better way of thinking about it or approaching the situation? What might my child learn from this experience? How might they grow and develop as a person? When we turn and embrace what we fear, it loses its power to frighten us. We no longer need to fight it, but can instead work with it. 

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.