About the Parish Profile

The St. Jude's Parish Profile 2012 describes who we are as a parish in our journey of faith, and where as a parish we want and need to be in the future.  Additionally, the Parish Profile is the document that defines what we were looking for in our next rector.  

During July through September, the Parish Profile Committee conducted a self-study involving the entire parish in three separate activities in which input was collected for use in the profile. The three different activities gave us a deep understanding of who we are now and where we see ourselves in the future.  In July, over 160 parishioners participated in St. Jude’s Tells All, meeting in small groups in parishioners' homes to share our experiences at St. Jude’s. Our diverse beliefs and interests, along with our love of the traditions of the Episcopal Church, were discussed in the small group meetings.  Additionally, the process also allowed us to dream about what might be possible in the future. 

An All Parish Forum was held August 14, at which the Parish Profile Committee shared the results from St. Jude’s Tells All, and we further explored the core values and dreams of the parish.  In late August and early September, we conducted an online survey

Overall, more than 220 members of St. Jude have participated in at least one aspect of the self-study.  Truly, the Holy Spirit was present throughout the self-study process as evidenced by the high level of interest and participation.  

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Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.