Planned Giving

Our Planned Giving Program is administered by two organizations: (1) a Planned Giving Committee formed from interested volunteers and (2) an Endowment Board of six members elected by the Vestry  (the Senior Warden and Rector are also voting members). Those members and friends who are participating in the Endowment Fund program become members of the St. Jude’s Legacy Society. The basic thrust of the program is to educate the members to fulfill “The Common Book of Prayer” (ref page 445) direction to parents to provide for the well being of their families and, if they are able, “- - - to leave bequests for religious and charitable uses.”

If your plan for “if something should happen to you” is both complete and current, you are entitled to be comfortable.  On the other hand, if you are one of the estimated 1/3 to 1/2 of the adult population that does not even have a will, read on. Excuses vary from not knowing where to start your end of life planning to not being able to envision your family without you being there.

St. Jude’s offers you a tool for getting your life planning under control.  The one-page, yellow, End of Life (EOL) instruction form (available in the Parish Hall brochure rack or online here) is a checklist of the steps and choices available to you. The Parish encourages each adult member to complete the form and provide a copy to the church office files for the Rector’s use in an emergency. The form is also useful to you as a periodic checklist in completing your life planning “if something should happen to you.” If you haven’t completed (or updated) your EOL form, please do so.

Your questions and requests for more information should be directed to Jim Reyner or another member of the Planned Giving committee, Wilma, or the parish office. For detailed help in your life planning, go to Forum Archives and check out some adult forums by Steve Rudd:

April 18, 2010 "Estate Planning for Couples"

May 16, 2010 "Beyond Ozzie and Harriett: Estate Planning and Will Contests for Real People"

June 13, 2010 "Estate Planning for Special Situations"

For more information on St. Jude’s Endowment Fund, click on Endowment Fund .



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