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Good Friday

March 29, 2013

Good Friday 2013 Part 1: Jesus Is Betrayed: Accepting Our Calling

Love Like Jesus

March 28, 2013


We have just come from supper together, as we remember the Passover, the night of deliverance for the Hebrew people, and we remember the eucharist, the bread and the wine made holy. On this night before his death, in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus breaks bread, pours the wine, and makes an old story new, the story of his body broken and blood poured out, a story of freedom and forgiveness of sins. Tonight we celebrate the institution of the eucharist. We remind ourselves that Jesus is present in the breaking of the bread.

God’s mercy is wider than we would like

March 10, 2013

The Pharisees and the scribes were grumbling. These religious leaders were often grumbling, or at least muttering, about Jesus and his shocking behavior. Jesus just did not adhere to the norms of religion or society and seemed to do things that shocked them or at least made them annoyed and made them mutter and grumble. If it wasn’t a healing on the Sabbath then it was talking to a woman in public, neither of which were allowed. This time it was Jesus’ table fellowship that made them grumble.

Our Lenten Journey of Transformation

March 3, 2013


So how is your Lenten journey going? We’re almost halfway through so it’s a good time to pause and ask how I am doing on the journey, to check and see if those Lenten commitments and intentions, and been turned into actions. It’s a good time to see if I’ve been able to excavate some time in the busy schedule of life to turn aside from what dominates my life and pay attention to whatever invitation God is making.

The Fox And The Hen

February 24, 2013

If you have been wondering how the lessons today are connected to each other, then you will know how I spent a lot of time last week as I read the lessons and pondered them. Thankfully once I started reading in preparation I discovered that on this particular day they are not actually connected! The Roman Catholic version of the lectionary we use keeps a different gospel. the gospel about the Transfiguration, which in the Episcopal church we read on the last Sunday before Lent. The Old and New Testament lessons more easily connect to that gospel than the one we have today.

The Invitation of Lent

February 17, 2013

A priest was confronted by a mugger while walking down a dark alley. The thief demanded his wallet. As the priest opened his coat to reach for his wallet, the thief saw his clerical collar and realized he was a priest. Immediately he apologized and said, “Forget it Father, Keep your money, I had no idea you were a priest”. Both nervous and relieved, the priest took out a cigarette and offered one to the stranger, “No thank you, the thief replied, I gave up smoking for Lent!”

Love transfigures, Love transforms

February 10, 2013

One of the best short hikes I ever went on was during a week long silent retreat. I was at a retreat center near a large dam, in an area I did not know. I climbed a small hill on a beautiful hot day, complete with bright blue African sky and not a single cloud. I sweated as I climbed up the rich, red-earth hill, with the signature African thorn bushes and not many trees for shade.

Jesus' Mission Statement

January 27, 2013

It really is good to be back in this part of the world. Thank you so much for your prayers while I was away. Last weekend I participated in the consecration of Margaret Vertue, who was ordained to the priesthood with me twenty years ago. She became the first Anglican woman bishop in South Africa and the second in Southern Africa. It was quite a marvelous occasion, with over four thousand people attending and all the prayerful solemnity and grace of a truly Anglican occasion. It was also a time of nostalgia.


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