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What Kind of King is This?

November 25, 2012


Every week, every day, I learn so many new things about St Judes and the people of this wonderful faith community. Last week I learned that at Easter you all sing the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah. At All Saints Pasadena, for the last few years they have sung the Hallelujah chorus on this Sunday today, which is known as Christ the King or the Reign of Christ Sunday. So now we can sing it twice a year if you want to!

Gratitude as a Way of Life

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving holiday is a new holiday for me, not one that I grew up with, and I only discovered it as a seminary student when the international students were invited to a large Thanksgiving dinner in a church hall and none of us really appreciated what was happening as none of us were American! This is only the second time I have preached at Thanksgiving and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Looking Beyond Appearances

November 18, 2012

I came across a heart warming story of a music band from the Democratic Republic of Congo, that spoke to me. The band is called Staff Benda Bilili which means Look Beyond Appearances. Remarkably, they are disabled street musicians, the core group lived in cardboard boxes in the Kinshasa zoo, and despite their circumstances, made fantastic music. Their amazing music got them noticed by French documentary makers and a movie was made that changed their lives. They became an amazing music band touring the world.

Take Lord, And Receive

November 11, 2012

There's a well known story in India about a beggar who sat by the road every day. He heard the maharajah was coming the next day with his royal retinue. The beggar decided to arrive early. He sat by the road and soon heard the music and acclamation as the royal retinue approached. Soon an official at the head of the arriving retinue approached. The beggar held up his empty sack. The official said "Wait" and went back to the enclosure in which the maharajah sat. Soon he returned. "His highness asks that you give him a gift of what you have." The beggar was stunned.

O when the saints go marching in

November 4, 2012

(All Saints Sunday)

Back in the 1980s, on a day when Halloween fell on a Sunday, the rector of the church of a friend of mine, invited kids to come dressed up to church & asked them to the front during the peace. He asked each about their costumes. When he came to a little boy wearing a torn sheet he said, "And who, young man, are you?" The kid, shocked by the priest's failure to recognize him, replied exasperated, "I, sir, am the Holy Ghost."

Celebrating St. Jude!

October 28, 2012

What a magnificent weekend of festivals and celebrations. I think St Jude's Church is doing a fantastic job of celebrating 50 amazing years on this weekend when we also celebrate the feast of St Jude, our special patron saint after whom we are named. St Jude is the one of a few different patron saints of hospitals, and is more widely known as the patron saint of hopeless causes and desperate situations. Last night we found out that it was Bishop Millard who gave the name of St Jude to this church.

All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes

October 21, 2012

As we stand let us pray: O God make us masters of ourselves that we may be the servants of others. Take my words and speak through them. Take our minds and think with them. Take our hearts and set them on fire, for Christ's sake, Amen.


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