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Audio-Visual Technician - Parish Hall & Fireside Room
This audiovisual team supports the AV systems in the Parish Hall and Fireside Room. Training is provided. The technicians:  
• assure seamless operation of the audio-visual system in the Parish Hall and Fireside Room   
• assist in the recording of forums, and other programs and post them on the webpage when needed  
• are typically responsible for 1 event every 4-6 weeks
The time commitment is once a month for the duration of an event, plus some set up time and file transfer time.

Contact: Bruce Horn ( or Ken Foot (




The ushers at our 10:30 am service are primarily responsible for hospitality. This is an easy way to get started in a ministry at St. Jude's.  The responsibilities are well documented, and the existing ushers will mentor you through the process.

Ushers responsibilities include:  

  • distributing bulletins, announcements  
  • coordinating oblaters, collection, traffic flow for communion  
  • counting parishioners for parish record-keeping  
  • clearing up anything left behind after service, putting away kneelers   
  • ensuring collection ends up in the safe in the office  

Contact: Valerie Nau (

Musicians, Music of the Spirit (MOTS), Brass Ensemble (BOTS)

MOTS is a group of instrumentalists (guitar, bass, percussion, and others as available) who join with the choir during the 10:30 worship service to enhance our wide-ranging music offerings.  These include popular Christian songs off the radio, Spirit and Song from the Catholic Church,  "praise and worship," Gospel, and Taize).  Our blend of just about everything is unique to St. Jude's, and with the BOTS (the brass ensemble) and MOTS, we are able to cover a wide range of musical styles.   

If you play an instrument and would like to join our merry band, contact Laura Green!

Contact: Laura Green  

Choir, Children of the Spirit (COTS)

'cots (Children of the Spirit) is both an acronym and a reference to our church in the apricot orchard. Children about 6 to 11 years old meet weekly during the school year at 9:15 to rehearse. No musical training is required, just a willingness to make music!

'cots sings during the service and for special occasions several times per year.   

Contact: Kathy Disney  ( or 408-502-2005 (text only))

Choir, Adult

The adult choir has about 25 members who support the 10:30 service liturgy by leading the congregation in singing hymns and other service music and by offering an anthem during the offertory.  The choir may also enhance songs and hymns by supplying harmony, descants, and instrumental (in addition to organ and piano) accompaniment.   Music is a mix of traditional choral texts/settings, gospel music, well-loved choral anthems, and contemporary arrangements.

Additional ministry is one of community outreach benefit choral concerts with other churches and fundraisers (connected or not) to St. Jude's. 

Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings from 7:15-9:00.  New singers are welcome to come "Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord!"



Contact: Billie Bandermann  (

Lay Readers

Lay Readers read either the Old or New Testament lesson. They honor the oral tradition of communicating God's word to the people of God. Skills needed: ability to enunciate, project one's voice and speak slowly. Most importantly, understand the reading's meaning and speak with feeling and from the heart.

This is a great way for newcomer's to become involved in the life of St. Jude's. Being a Lay Reader will also give a deeper understanding of scripture through pre-reading and reflection.

Readers serve every four to six weeks at the 8:00 am service. Readers serve once or twice every three  months at the 10:30 am service.   


Contact: Mair Dundon (


The team of greeters helps welcome all to our services. Members of the team:  

  • extend a warm welcome to parishioners and newcomers  
  • assist parishioners in finding their name tags and newcomers in making a temporary one   
  • have newcomers sign our visitor binder and complete the request for name tag form  
  • distribute St. Jude's newcomer bags with an invitation to join us after the service in the Parish Hall to meet parishioners and enjoy the spirit of St. Jude's fellowship  
  • provide rector with information about newcomers  

In addition, at the 8:00 am service, greeters serve four times/year, set up the greeters' table, name badge boards, announcement board and the altar kneelers and hand out the Sunday bulletin. The greeters consider this ministry an important connection with St. Jude's Church and thus do so with a warm, caring manner.   

Contact-8:00 am service: Barb Hamer  
Contact-10:30 am service: Marianne Wilcox  (, 408-267-7757)

Flower Guild

The flower guild is a team of volunteers who:  

  • beautify the sanctuary for worship services with fresh, local flower arrangements  
  • buy and arrange flowers one Saturday per month for the following Sunday service  
  • decorate the church on Christmas and Easter  
  • skills needed: love of flowers, artistic flower arranging, appreciation for the season  
  • 2-3 hrs/month  

Contact: Susan Lanser  (

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers serve at the altar, distributing the wine, as well as reading. They serve as acolytes at the 8:00 am service as well as crucifer, psalm and backup reader, intercessor (reading Prayers of the People) and leading dismissal. Requirements are confirmation, training, recommendation of the rector and be at least 16 years of age. St. Jude's and Diocesan training for licensing is provided. Skills required: lay reading skills, an ability to move fluidly, have good hand dexterity, a willingness to support others in the altar party and knowledge of the flow of the liturgy. Eucharistic Ministers serve once or twice a month.  

Contact: Carolyn Bowker (

Communion Bread Bakers

Eucharistic bread at St. Jude's is lovingly baked by individuals interested in being part of our Eucharistic celebrations in a special way. The men and women who serve this ministry bake bread once or twice a quarter, using provided recipes.  The schedule is provided by the contact person and emailed to the bakers. As a baker, you are given an option to opt out of the schedule by trading dates with someone else.



Contact: Marcia Landis (


Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.