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Title Body
Memorial Fund Committee

Turns monetary gifts into lasting items for the use of the church; e.g. special hymnals and book plates.  

Contact: Peggy McNutt  (

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a program which provides a free lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Sunnyvale 

  • serves a sit down lunch.  
  • sponsored by many organizations   
  • non-profit  
  • serves over 350 people in the wider community   

Contact St. Thomas if interested in getting engaged with this community program. 

Live Oak Adult Day Services

St. Jude's is the location of a senior day care center, now under the auspices of Live Oak Adult Day Services. The center provides daily support, programs, and activities for adults who need care and mental stimulation, as well as respite and advice for the caregivers to continue caring for their family member. It runs five days a week and is a not-for-profit organization. Live Oak was established in 1980 by several members of the St. Jude's congregation. In addition, Live Oak hosts a monthly Alzheimer's support group for caregivers on the third Thursday of each month at St. Jude's.   

Contact: Jan Hill, advisory board member  

Employment Assistance Ministry


The Employment Assistance Ministry program is a dynamic networking program that helps people in Silicon Valley build their careers.  Career Actions  brings together Job Seekers with Company Insiders and provides coaching and learning opportunities to develop ones career including: resume preparation, job leads, insider contacts, interview instructions, support groups, company research, defining desired job specifications, and companies presently hiring. 

Career Actions is an easily accessable program open to all.  It provides insights to work in our valley for the employed as well as job seekers.  Take advantage of the resource it provides and also consider contributing to it as a company insider.

Contact Career Actions directly: Al Hulvey (


Good Sams

Good Sams is a pastoral care ministry providing transportation for errands or appointments for parishioners who are unable to drive. We provide food for those who are temporarily unable to prepare food for themselves. A group of parishioners are willing to help with this ministry as needed.   

Contacts: Louise Marriott ( or 602-316-2359) or Susan Stanley.

Network Administrator

Provides information technology in support of church operation. Work is primarily maintaining the computer network and Internet connections as well as the printers, Windows computers and telephones on the church property. The work is both planned and unplanned.

Required skills are Microsoft Windows maintenance, Network problem determination and resolution, Network security, Computer hardware and software installation and troubleshooting, Telephone troubleshooting (diagnosis and repair), and good listening and problem-solving skills.

Contacts: Wally Iimura ( Back up is Nick Harrah ( or 408-504-6984). 

Memorial Garden

St. Jude's has a Memorial Garden for the interment of ashes. The small group that supports this ministry:  

  • meets with deceased's family member to choose a spot for interment   
  • keeps records and chart showing spots available and past burials   
  • makes preparation for digging the interment spot and later returns soil/ plants.  
  • orders an engraved plaque to be placed in the sanctuary to recognize the person interred in the Memorial Garden   
  • checks supply of the 9" x 15" muslin bags that hold the ashes   
  • maintains and oversees any improvement or repairs in the garden   
  • hires gardener or maintains the garden.  

Contacts: Jean Chandler or Peggy McNutt  (

Gardening Ministry

St. Jude's is blessed to have a plot of garden land located at the east end of the Parish Hall. Raised beds feature seasonal vegetables. A limited amount of space is available for parishioners who are looking for room to garden. We grow wheat in the apricot orchard which is harvested and ground into communion bread and also pumpkins in the garden for our children at Halloween. We welcome volunteers to garden, weed, harvest and other chores. The bounty is shared with parishioners, SMUM and community service agencies in the area. Return to nature and join us.  

Contact: Doug Bailey  (

Apricot Orchard

St. Jude's is blessed with a 50-tree apricot orchard cared for by a few dedicated parishioners. Caring for the trees is not hard work; and in fact can be quite relaxing and meditative. There are, however, 50 trees. The orchard crew prunes the trees each year, replaces dead or diseased trees and maintains the irrigation system. Many parishioners share and enjoy the harvest each June.   

Contacts: Nick Harrah ( or 408-504-6984), Bruce Horn (

Wedding Coordinator

The wedding coordinator assists the bridal party and the priest in the planning stages and on the wedding day to make sure everything is in order for a beautiful St. Jude's wedding.  

Work with couples as they join their lives together more completely.  It can be very satisifying to contribute to their joyous day.

Contact: Becky Davis (


Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.