Trusting Without Reservation

July 3, 2016

I am so grateful for the gift of vacation, which for me these past two weeks was more of a staycation. I had the gift of time, and enjoyed some of the extraordinary beauty of this part of the country. I went kayaking on Elkhorn Slough, I listened to music and played the piano, I swam every day, I cleared out some closets and I read more than usual.

Love Conquers Hate

June 19, 2016

“There is no fear in love, for perfect love excludes fear.”                      I John 4:18 (modified)

This past week has been a difficult week.  This past Friday was the one year anniversary of the shootings at the AME church in Charleston, SC (6/17/15), and last Sunday morning there was a mass shooting, a massacre, at the gay club, Pulse, in Orlando, Florida, which became the largest civilian mass shooting in the modern history of the United States.  

Mercy and Compassion bring Transformation

June 5, 2016

Last month I finally read a book that I’ve been wanting to read for months. It’s Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson. He has become known for his work challenging bias against the poor and minorities in the criminal justice system.  Desmond Tutu calls him America’s young Nelson Mandela, a brilliant lawyer fighting with courage and conviction for justice for all.

God is Community

May 22, 2016

Trinity Sunday, May 22, 2016



Holy Father, make us holy

Holy Jesus, make us holy

Holy Spirit, make us holy

Holy God, make us whole.



Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.