The Reign of Christ is Love Unlimited

November 20, 2016

Let’s take a moment to pause remembering how our young people showed us the way last week as they led our service so powerfully, how Andy Estrada inspired us by sharing how the youth had dealt with the differences between them, showing kindness and respect in their discussions. 

An Invitation to Hopeful Resilience

November 6, 2016

With the hope of Christ – our exemplar of reconciliation,
source of comfort, and icon of resilience, Amen.

I. Beatitudesi

St Jude and the Hope for Peace and Reconciliation

October 30, 2016

Today is a special day, as we celebrate St Jude, for whom we are named, and we give thanks for this past year and all the past 54 years of St Jude’s Church, and all those who founded it and built up this community over the years. We give thanks that St Jude’s is a place of welcome and a spiritual oasis where lives are transformed. We give thanks for this community of support and care, prayer, and social justice and outreach.  

Lead with Love and Generosity

October 23, 2016

Jesus tells stories to communicate truth. Often the aim is not to comfort us, but to shock us and provoke us to think differently. We are invited to see more than just our own stories and our own way of seeing things. We are invited to see the larger story, the deeper truths about God and humanity. We are invited to see God’s story, that the kingdom is coming, the new kin-dom has already drawn near in Jesus, that we are all connected in an interdependent web of relationships.

Called to Proximity, Called to be Different

October 2, 2016

St Francis day is Tuesday October 4th. Today we celebrate his life and his values, and bless our animals. It is said that St Francis is the most admired, and yet the least imitated, of all the saints. Perhaps because his values challenge us too much, his values and actions call us to be counter cultural, to be different.


Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.