Sound System

Contact:  Mike Landis


Saint Jude the Apostle

Sound System Schedule

10:30 AM Service

January - April 2018


December 24                          Mary Hultquist

December 31                          Carlos Estrada


January 7                               Steve Bryson

January 14                              Ken Foot

January 21                              Mike Landis

January 28 [Annual Mtg]       Mary Hultquist (Single service @ 9:15)


February 4                              Carlos Estrada

February 11                            Steve Bryson

February 14 noon                   Mary Hultquist  (Ash Wednesday)
                    7:30pm                Mike Landis  (Ash Wednesday)

February 18                            Ken Foot

February 25                            Mike Landis


March 4                                  Mary Hultquist

March 11                                Carlos Estrada

March 21                                Steve Bryson

March 28                                Ken Foot   (Palm Sunday)

March 29                                TBD   (Maundy Thursday)

March 30                                TBD   (Good Friday)

                                               TBD   (Good Friday)

March 31                                Ken Foot (Easter Vigil - 8pm - starts outside)


April 1                                    Mike Landis   (Easter)

April 8                                    Mary Hultquist

April 15                                  Carlos Estrada

April 22                                  Steve Bryson

April 29                                  Ken Foot (Single service @ 9:15)      


If you know of anyone who might be interested in helping with the sound system, please refer him or her to Mike Landis.                    

Please arrange for a stand-in if you will not be available on your scheduled date.


Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.