Vestry Profiles

Mary Lyn Azar

I came to St. Jude's in 2013 with my husband Steven and our children Gabriel (13), Gwyn (11), Evie (9), and AJ (5).  A cradle Episcopalian, I attended church regularly as a child with my family at Episcopal churches in Virginia and Alabama.  After coming to California we attended St. Peter's in Redwood City for twelve years, before what had turned into a lengthy commute led us to search for a church closer to home.  We were drawn to St. Jude's by the thriving Godly Play and Youth Group programs, the music, and commitment to Social Justice and Outreach.

Fifteen years ago at St. Peter's in Redwood City my rector came to me searching for someone to help him grow the children's program at the church.  I was provided the resources and training to launch a Godly Play program at St. Peter's, a program I led for my 12 years with the congregation.  Godly Play has been my main call for 15 years, starting with my work at St. Peter's and continuing at St. Jude's through my participation as a storyteller and contributions to the ongoing work of curriculum and material development.  In the last two years I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend an Advanced Godly Play training at St. Jude's and the North American Godly Play conference in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Over the years I have participated in many roles including coordinating a parish retreat and serving on a rector search committee. I brought and shared meals with a number of families who found their temporary home at my previous church through the Interfaith Hospitality Network.  I assisted the children of my previous parish in a number of service projects including cooking and serving snacks to the residents of the Maple Street Homeless Shelter in Redwood City and creating and delivering Valentines to a nursing home.  I ran the Christmas Pageant at my last parish for 10 years and have helped with the St. Jude's Christmas Pageant the last two.  At both my previous parish and this one I have participated in both Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity.

I work to ground, strengthen, and grow my own spiritual development through weekly attendance at the 10:30 service, attending the Tuesday Taizé service with my daughter Gwyn, and participation in the parent and book group at St. Jude's on Thursday.  I also enjoy connecting with the other members of St. Jude's through participation in small dinner groups, retreats, and as a coffee hour host.  You may run into other members of my family as they participate in the Brass Ensemble, choir, youth group, acolyte, or dash back and forth under your feet.  Through the vestry I hope to deepen my connection with St. Jude's and contribute my time, talent, and experience to serving this congregation as we move forward.

Judy Bailey

My husband Doug and I came to St. Jude’s in October 2008 and immediately became aware of what a strong church community St. Jude’s was, full of active and committed parishioners. We both quickly became active in various ministries. Now that I am fully retired, I am a Stephen Ministry leader and active with the community forum, deepening our welcome, and PACT committees. No matter where I am on my spiritual journey at any given time, I seek to take advantage of the many opportunities here to learn, strengthen, and sometimes challenge my faith through Lenten programs, forums, Trinity Institute, Jesus Seminar, and more. I draw strength and experience peace from Taizé and Jazz Vespers.

I am committed to the goals of the Mission Covenant and if elected, look forward to exploring the exciting opportunities inherent in them and implementing the various parts in collaboration with others. Also, if elected, I would welcome your input, ie: suggestions, hopes, and criticisms. My overall goal on the vestry would be to make decisions consistent with further strengthening this wonderful church community to ensure that it remains vital and relevant as a congregation and in the community around it. It would be an honor to serve in this capacity. 

Laura Bryson

I have been attending St. Jude’s since my mother was pregnant with me, 27 plus years ago. I remember growing up at St. Jude’s and always appreciating the community support for my family and me. I participated in youth group and was an acolyte during my middle school and high schools years. I would eventually become the head acolyte during high school. While away in college, one of the things I missed most was my community at St. Jude’s. Upon my return from undergrad and graduate school, I always returned to St. Jude’s. I helped with the youth group when I got back from college as a mentor and now that I am permanently in the area, I lead the 20-30s group.

In my current position, working in Santa Clara County as a mental health therapist for children 0-5 and their families, I have seen a very different community from the one in Cupertino. The importance of social support from the local community has become extremely clear to me because of the exposure I have had. This drives me to want to keep helping St. Jude’s grow and thrive, so we can continue to have this community support and resources available to our members as well as the wider Silicon Valley. On the vestry, I will work with the other members and our clergy to develop ways to engage different generations in our congregation and help reach those communities in our area that are most in need of help from St. Jude’s.

Patricia Coles (Pat)

I joined St Jude’s Church in the Spring of 1966 with my husband and 3 young children.  I have served as alternate and delegate to the deanery and diocese many times in the last 50 years. I also served a term on Diocesan Standing Committee 1988-1991.  At St Jude’s, I am currently Clerk of the vestry and Parish Life Minister, member of the Altar Guild, and Accounts Payable clerk.  Now as a senior my connection with St. Jude’s is a vital part of my life as It is the place where I can contribute.  It would be an honor to serve a term on vestry.

Ken Foot

My wife Judy and I were both born and raised in the Bay Area. My first job took us to Escondido, near San Diego. Returning to the Bay Area in 1974, we had the good fortune to move to Cupertino and find St. Jude’s, which has been our spiritual home ever since. We have two grown children who both grew up as part of the St. Jude’s family.

I spent most of my life in the computer industry, most recently with Hewlett Packard. A little over ten years ago, I made a major career change and became an emergency planner for Santa Clara County. I am now at another transition in my life as I look forward to my retirement at the end of this month. I know Judy has plans for some of my new found free me, but I also plan on spending more time involved in St. Jude’s.

During my time at St. Jude’s I have been involved in many activities. I have at various times been an usher, a reader, and a counter. I maintain and operate the sound systems. I have served on Vestry twice in that past and have served as both Junior and Senior Warden. When I was Junior Warden, the primary responsibility was property. The year I was the Senior Warden was the year we remodeled the church during which I was the liaison between the church and the contractor and architect. Judy and I have both attended Cursillo, and worked on some teams.

St. Jude’s is a very special place to me. Much of the mandate of the vestry is the fiscal health of the parish. I find that I have a good understanding of and can contribute in this area. Although this is important to the functioning of the parish, I am also excited about helping explore how St. Jude’s maintains its welcoming atmosphere as we continue to discern the future of our parish and the greater church. I have a new sense of the possibilities after attending a diocesan event at which Bishop Curry and Canon Spellers described how the Episcopal Church can move forward with evangelism, reconciliation, and stewardship of creation. This experience has excited me about the possibilities in front of us. I would be honored to serve on the vestry during this me of exploration. 

Shanie George

I was raised and confirmed in the Marthoma Syrian Church of Kerala, South India. While growing up, church was a big part of my life. I attended church and Sunday school regularly and was active in the Youth Group. I continued attending church while in college and briefly worked as a Sunday school teacher soon after my graduation. After we moved to the US in 2000, I attended different churches but was not very regular since I did not find a good fit. I started attending Episcopal churches in 2006 when I was living in North Carolina and found them quite similar to the church I grew up. I became a more regular parishioner after I moved to Bedford, MA and eventually became a member at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in 2007. I got received to Episcopal Church two years later. While a ending St. Paul’s, I worked as a Sunday school teacher, Usher, Greeter, Counter and served as a member of the Vestry. I mainly worked in the outreach and Sunday school committees of the Vestry. In 2014, my son Allen and I moved to Cupertino thanks to a new job. I knew that I wanted to attend an Episcopal church and St. Jude’s was the first church we tried out. We did not even try another one and kept coming back. St. Jude’s is a very welcoming church and I am very happy to be part of it. I am also really happy that Allen was able to go through his confirmation process at St. Jude’s last year. I am currently serving as part of the Deepening our Welcome committee and the Altar guild. I am also a Lay Eucharistic Minister and greeter. Outside of St. Jude’s, I work as a Staff R & D Engineer for one of the EDA companies in the valley. I enjoy spending my free time hiking/walking and reading. I have received so many blessings being part of the St. Jude’s community and would like to give back by serving as part of the Vestry.

Dennis Lee

I never thought a spiritual journey could be so eventful, mystical and full of miracles. Even though I spent most my school years in Catholic schools but was never a believer.  Looking back to a series of events that happened to me, I believe that I am handpicked and saved by God to become a Christian. Without divine intervention, I would not be writing my biography at this time. In some way, my spiritual journey resembles that of Job in the Old Testament. In total submission to God, my family, member of four, was baptized on Easter of 1995 at Christ Church Los Altos by Re. David Chee, my classmate from elementary school in Singapore.

I was born in Medan, Indonesia and later moved to Singapore at a very young age in order to avoid racially motivated oppression and discrimination. On a positive note to this move, I was given the opportunity to receive proper education in a multi-racial society. As a result, I am bi-lingual and, in addition, I speak Indonesian and two other Chinese dialects.

Academically, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Prior to forming my own real estate company in 2003, I had a long and rewarding career with HP, an iconic company in the Bay Area then. I held many positions in both engineering and management capacities including R&D, manufacturing, project management and ODM partners management at various divisions located in Queensferry (Scotland), Singapore, Colorado, Palo Alto, Beijing and the Bay Area.

My wife, Kathy, and I came to St. Jude’s in 2009 and have served as Greeters for the past few years.  It would indeed be a great honor if I could serve as a vestry member at St. Jude’s. I pray and hope that this is God’s calling for me to serve humbly as His servant and share the many blessings I have received.

Carlos Estrada 

I was raised in Mexico until my last two years of high school, which I completed in San Diego before going to Point Loma Nazarene Univer- sity. There is where I met Beth, my wife of 22 years. Both of us were multi-generation Nazarenes but attended Presbyterian churches shortly after we started dating. Ever since we got married, we have enjoyed an evolving spiritual journey that has led to growth, transformed our faith and enlarged our view of God. 

After searching for a home church where we could feel welcomed and affirmed in our faith and theology, we were led to the Episcopal Church and to St. Jude’s in particular. We knew from the first visit that we had found a home for us and for our three kids: Alex (18), Anna (14) and Ben (12). Beyond the liturgy and openness, we have grown to love the people of St. Jude’s and the way we are loved back. 

I recently participated in the mission and discernment committee where I had the opportunity to peer into the driving passions of multiple ministries in our parish. The process provided an opportunity to get to know many members of our parish and both establish and grow many friendships. It also allowed me to put into action some of my work skills in the Marketing field. Critical to the pro- cess was to look at both the inner workings and competencies of the parish in conjunction with the bigger environmental realities that it faces. We looked at this in the context of carful listening and purposeful discernment with the goal of better understanding God’s call to us as a parish. 

Beyond regular attendance and financial support, I consider this opportunity to serve as a member of the vestry as a way to serve this home parish with the talents and abilities that God has given me. I am grateful for how the members of St. Jude’s have embraced my family and me and hope to give back through some of my time and talent. 

Mary Hultquist

As soon as I arrived at St. Jude’s in 2006, I knew this would be my church home. We’d just left the Catholic Church and were looking for somewhere more open and inclusive. Jeff and I couldn’t wait to be an active part of the congregation, while our boys all joined Youth Group and became acolytes and/or ushers. I have continued to serve in various capacities throughout the last nine years, mostly in the worship service as usher, sound system, chalice bearer, and coffee hour. Outside that, I’ve been active in vestry (2009-11, senior warden 2010), website, parish photo directory, newcomers, and helping out wherever the need comes up. I still feel the excitement and energy of a newcomer, especially as we work towards the next steps in our discernment process. 

Professionally, I’ve worked mostly as a technical manager or project manager in the computer field for the last 20 years. I can foster cooperation and communication in groups to get things done, and I am comfortable with budgets, timelines, and milestones. Thank you for considering me to represent you on vestry. 

Margot Jacobsen

If you attend the 8:00 service you probably know something about me and my husband Syd. If you attend the 10:30 service you might not know me, especially if you are relatively new. I have attended St. Jude’s for a long time. Currently I am the Contributions Secretary. 

In the past I have served on the vestry several times, and have been Sr. Warden once and Jr. Warden several times when that position was lead- ing the Ministry Network. I also currently work as part of the Memorial Reception Committee. It is important to me that the family who is experiencing the loss of a family member is supported. I also participate helping with general Parish Life events. 

My job with the Finance Committee is something I do by myself. When Wilma asked me to participate on the Discernment Committee I was excited. I had not had an opportunity recently to work on a project like this. I found it stimulating to discuss ideas, sharing and listening. We explored the information gathered at the Parish Day last March and the survey to pass on to the Vestry information for planning in the future. I also have attended workshop put on by the Kaleidoscope Institute. The Dioceses sponsored these meetings to help congregations become healthier/stronger. 

I care deeply about St. Jude’s My dream is that we remain a strong and vibrant congregation and develop some of the techniques to become a church that responds to the needs of the 21st Century. I would really like to be part of the vestry that moves forward with the plan. 

Liz Mulford 

It would be an honor to assist St. Jude's by serving on the vestry. A life-long Episcopalian, I've discovered my gifts in serving the church: Pastoral care; having lived in assorted cultures and places throughout my life, I've a special sensitivity for what it's like to be a stranger or newcomer. Outreach; chaired the committee when I was first at St. Jude's, I’m now happily on our Social Justice and Outreach committee, and working with PACT. In another parish, I developed and chaired their international program for 15 years. Vestry--(in two parishes, Jr. Warden in one.) Presently, I'm a delegate to Convention, and run the “St. Jude's Inn”, providing housing for occasional St. Jude's out-of-town guests. 

Most life-transforming experiences: conversion experience in college, living and working in a rural hospital in Kwa Zulu South Africa; while living in Chicago, participating in Dr. King's campaign to end housing discrimination; for decades, working with the Four Homes of Mercy, a home and rehabilitation center for 69 residents with severe special needs, in Palestine,—and having a daughter!

Professionally, I've been a social worker at a mental hospital in Chicago, and an attorney in Cupertino, specializing in family reorganization. 

Scott Rotondo

I'm a relative newcomer to St. Jude’s, joining in the fall of 2014. Along with my wife Pattie and my son Steven, I attend the 10:30 am service and enjoy the opportunity to participate on Sunday mornings as a lay reader. In the years prior to coming to St. Jude’s, we were members at St. Timothy's in Mountain View and St. Joseph's in Milpitas, where I served at various times as a vestry member, lay reader, lay Eucharistic minister, and teller.

Our family has found a warm and welcoming spiritual home at St. Jude’s. I would be honored to serve as a member of the vestry. 



Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.