Wilma's Sabbatical


MAY 1 to AUG 19

Dear people of St Jude's,

Warm greetings!

I leave on sabbatical on Tuesday, May 1st.  

During this time, we welcome newly ordained priest Jani Wild as a sabbatical assistant in my absence, and pray for us all as we enter this sabbatical time.

Details of sabbatical:

I return to St Jude's on Sunday, August 19.

During the sabbatical, Sarah Lapenta-H will oversee liturgy and pastoral care, as well as support our newcomers, CYF, and Mission Covenant ministries.  Kathy Yates will oversee staffing and administrative needs.  Bruce Bramlett continues his ministry on Wednesdays and Sundays, including pastoral care visits, book and bible studies, and community forums. Jani Wild will serve 14 hrs/week, with pastoral care, join Sarah in CYF summer planning, and be the point person for Safe Car Park program, PACT and social justice and outreach.

I am stepping away from electronic communication during this time. I will  not be using this email address nor reading emails to this address after May 1st.  In an emergency, Kathy, Sarah and Donna know how to reach me. They also have my schedule of travels. I will be spending time with extended family and friends in Europe; a week in the Taize Community, France; participating as worship leader in a young adult leadership program in Cape Town; and doing a 30 day silent retreat, the Ignatian Exercises,  in Philadelphia in July. In August I will be on vacation in Los Angeles.

In Christ's peace,


Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.