Women's Weekend

Saint Jude's Women's Weekend 2016






What time can you leave on Friday?

Are you available to drive?       Yes       No      

              # of people in car (including driver)?

What time do you need to leave on Sunday?

Do you have a preference for carpooling?
Please include name(s):




Do you have a preference for roommate(s)?

Please include name(s):





Do you have any dietary restrictions?       Yes       No

Please specify:


Saturday Activities

(check all that interest you)      
       Go walking or hiking
       Bike riding
       Beach trip
       Exploring Mt. Hermon facilities
       Hanging out at Mt. Hermon



Can You Help?

Could you help with:
       Registrar (check people in)
       Participate in Worship Service
       Lead a Saturday Outing
       Help Organize Next Year's Women's Weekend





Thank you!!


Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.