Livestream Feedback

If you joined us on Sunday morning, we hope you felt a sense of community and spiritual comfort. Thank you for providing feedback afterward if you were able to do so.

If you weren’t able to join us on Sunday, please join us this coming one! Though we are in difficult times, this is a safe yet meaningful way for all of us to come together as a community and share in our faith.

Below is a summary of comments, followed by responses to some of the questions or recommendations made in the comments. 

Some comments about what you liked…

“Feeling like part of a virtual community, including seeing so many St Jude’s folks who aren’t still in the area being able to join.”

“Being back at Saint Jude’s in this troubled time. To hear the readings and the sermon and to pray together.”

“It actually felt natural and I could participate in song and prayer. Thank you for making it so natural!!”

“I love the sense of community it brought. I really appreciated when the names of those watching were read, and also reading the prayers of those watching.”

“The live streaming of the service actually did convey a sense of community. Seeing the names and comments in the chat window was a reassuring thing, too. “

“I could actually hear better than at church.”

“How the clergy faced the virtual congregation and addressed us directly.”

“The direct one-on-one connection, which is one of the great benefits of livestream.”

“It was fun and different but it still worked really well.”

And some of the things you’d change…

Music: “Explore another way to do the music?” “We need a better music setup.” “I felt the singing broke up the rhythm of the service.”

“Get the readers to look up from their bulletin at the camera, More eye contact.”

Technical issues:  “There were occasional delays and loss of audio.””I could connect through Facebook but not through the link on the homepage.””Just a slightly better live-stream connection.” “Better volume.”

“No need to pan camera from person reading Prayers of the People to clergy.  Stay with the person reading Prayers of the People.”

“View from behind the altar was different. I like facing the cross.”

“I would like the service to flow as usual without the interruption of reading the online comments perhaps the conversation about who attended could wait for the “coffee hour.”

Some answers to frequent questions

(1)  How do I comment to the chat with the livestream?  

While watching, there is a chat function on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, it will immediately pop up to the side when you click on the post with the livestream in it. Without a Facebook account, it appears you cannot participate in the chat.

(2)  Can you make the livestream connection more robust?   

This is largely a function of your internet connection speed and/or provider.  Also, some mobile devices stop sending livestreaming video after awhile if you haven’t touched the screen lately.  If your livestream or the audio stops, the best bet is to refresh/reload the screen by clicking on the “” refresh arrow next to the website page ( etc.).  Don’t forget to click the play arrow (▶︎) on top of the video if you have clicked through from the post or made it larger on your screen.

(3) Can we find a way to get the music and words for all the music in the service?  

The service bulletin for this coming Sunday will have all the words and music, so that you will be able to follow along while you watch the service.  Our great music staff is working on the other music issues, too. We encourage you to open two windows on your computer at the same time and put them side by side (resize so one is on the left, and one on the right). One window will have the livestream, and the other can have the bulletin so you can follow along.

(4) Can  we post the link earlier to the website?  

Until we go “live”, we don’t have the link, and we can’t do that until we get everything set up.  The link will be posted as early as possible to the website before the service.  This past Sunday there was about 10 minutes between the link going up and the service starting. If you get an old link, of if the link isn’t live, then refresh/reload the home page until the link is live. If you do not reload, then the link will not become live until you do.

(5) Can we use a different platform than Facebook?  

We’ve looked into a few platforms, but nothing has come forward that seems to be better. Zoom meetings have terrible sound (they are optimized for a single person in front of the camera), and other conferencing apps seem to have the same problem. Youtube has minimum requirements (1000 subscribers) to do livestream. Right now, this is our best bet for reaching the most people the easiest way, especially as you don’t need an account to watch (though you do to chat).

(6) Why were the clergy and the altar facing toward the window and cross?

Because the light from our giant windows so bright in the morning, if the clergy and readers had their backs to the window as they normally do, they would have been in deep shadow. Special lights and a video camera (which we don’t have, of course), would be needed to correct for this.

(7) What was that tapping sound during much of the service?

That was a bird that wanted to join our Worship service, tapping on the window!  He’s very persistent.

We hope you will join (again) on Sunday!