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John Buenz, former rector of St. Jude’s, held his popular series on “Living in Difficult Times” on Friday, May 22, May 29 and June 5, 2020.  John was joined by Bob Walters, a clinical psychologist.

John has long been interested in the effects of the global cultural transition called “postmodernity”, and explored this topic over the series.

March 1 John opened by sharing from two books, Transitions by Bill Bridges and The Great Emergence (modern to postmodern) by Phyllis Tickle.

March 8 John focused on how this transition is affecting religion in America, especially in the secularized area in which we live.

May 22 John and Bob considered the current pandemic as part of the postmodern experience, especially in terms of what it reveals about the growing danger of global climate change. They also introduced the idea of liminal (threshold) space as the “neutral zone” as per Transitions by Bill Bridges.

May 29 John and Bob considered the effect of the current pandemic as part of liminal space, especially as it affects young adults (Time magazine of June 1 /June 8, How Covid-19 will shape the Class of 2020: https://time.com/5839765/college-graduation-2020/) and the character of work.

June 5  John and Bob continued with topics previously introduced.

Videorecordings of Seminar

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