See below for great pictures and a video of the July 4th Talent Show performances and interview with our new Rector, Aaron Klinefelter!

Car Parade

St. Jude’s parishioner were able to meet our new Rector, masked and safely distanced of course!  Many made welcome signs to show how happy we are that Aaron Klinefelter and his family has joined us.

We also held another food drive for Santa Maria Urban Ministry. Thank you to everyone who brought food to help! A special thanks go to the volunteers that made both the car parade and the food drive happen: Jennifer Stern, Jeffrey Pugh, Kathy Yates, Peter Troop, Nick Harrah, Ken Foot, and Steve Swayze.

All the pictures are here, with a sample below.

Friends from Santa Maria Urban Ministry (SMUM)

Thanks to all those who made it go smoothly!

Talent Show

We had wonderful acts from our St. Jude’s parishioners this year, only for the first time via Zoom!  We also shared some cute and funny photos from previous 4th of July celebrations and were able to ask Aaron questions. Click here to watch the entire talent show.

Special thanks go to the following organizers and performers:

  • Matt Matthews
  • Sarah & Mason Razavi
  • Sharon & William Mason
  • Beth Leonard
  • Christine Stark
  • Ken Foot
  • Amber & Peter Leonard
  • Kathy Yates
  • Laura & Alison Green
  • Evie, AJ and Gwyn Azar
  • LeMel Firestone-Palerm
  • Ned Snow
  • and our new Rector, Aaron Klinefelter!

Thank you for all your hard work in making the talent show special.

Click here to Watch this Year's Talent Show!