Whether we view the prospect of “returning to normal” with eagerness or trepidation, questions swirl in our heads as to the complexity and messiness of it all; our hearts may also be filled with conflicting emotions from the unprocessed experiences of lockdown or the edge of uncertainty as to what we may find waiting for us on the other side of shelter-in-place; and last but far from least, our habit/conditioning of physically being with each other may have atrophied. Does this sound like “Isolation PTSD”? Or at least burdens we carry as we try to reassemble the pieces of our on-hold, damaged, curtailed plans, relationships, ways of “being church” back into “normal” again?

As we individually and collectively adapt to increasing freedom of movement in our outward life, we need greater internal emotional and spiritual vitality. Contemplative practices allow us to cultivate such inner vitality by immersing ourselves in the Presence of the Holy. It is intentional time to listen within.

The Sacred Listening Time is offered on Thursdays (2-3pm) until Pentecost as an encouragement and opportunity to practice this inner contemplative listen.

Please join us in person by the Labyrinth on campus (Covid protocols will be observed) on Thursdays 2-3pm for a time of listening: to contemplative writings; to each other in guided responses either via song or shared thoughts; to ourselves as we sit/walk/journal in silence so we can hear the Divine invite and accompany us as we cross over the threshold from shelter-in-place to being in community again.

More details on how the Sacred Listening hour is structured will be available later. Meanwhile, please contact Yin Mei Lawrence or Rev. Aaron if you are interested or have questions.