We hope you came to the St. Jude’s Day Drive-through Ingathering on Sunday, October 25!

Here are pictures from the event. Click on each picture to see a larger view.

At the ingathering many dropped off their Financial and Time & Talents Pledge Cards. If you weren’t able to, please mail them to our office or make your pledge here online.

At the event, we were able to receive communion (bread only), drop off a food donation for Santa Maria Urban Ministry (SMUM), drop off our Financial and Time & Talents Pledge Cards, and get the photo directory goodie bag. Would you like to do any of these, but weren’t able to do so at the event? Email our office and we’ll help you get what you need!

Many people helped make this possible–more than are shown in the pictures. Thanks go to:

Brock Carpenter
Kathy Kimberlin
Steve Kimberlin
Donna Araiza
Scott Rotondo
Kathy Yates
Peter Troop
Sarah Klinefelter
Graham Phillips
SJ Phillips
Nicky Phillips
Nick Harrah
Vance Nau
Sharon Lee
Bill Joos
Jennifer Shearin
Jana Chow
Mary Souza
Karen Leasure
Jean Chandler
Linda Imura
Janice McShurley
The Rev. Aaron Klinefelter
The Rev. Penelope Duckworth

Photos from Donna Araiza and Jennifer Shearin


St. Jude’s Season of Giving