We know that a lot of the livestreaming and meeting technology is new to everyone. We hope that this quick tutorial is helpful to you. If you have further questions, please contact Jennifer at web@saintjudes.org.

For all meeting time “bookings” or to get password access to the paid Saint Judes Zoom account, please email groups@saintjudes.org.

1.  Go to Facebook and go to your personal page (or group page, if you are an admin for that page). You can only livestream to a a Facebook page that you control.

2.  Go into a Zoom meeting via the meeting@saintjudes.org account. You can also use another paid account that is “pro” level or above. You cannot stream without a paid Zoom account.

3. On the bottom toolbar, click More, then Live on Facebook.  (See picture below, click to make larger.) Note that everything you say from this point on is being captured for the live video (which is really on a 10 second or so delay).

4.  Click on Next in the dialog box. (See picture below.)

5. You will get this screen.  Make sure your post is public. Add a title for your livestream and click “Go Live”.  (See picture below, click to make larger.)

6.  You will get this screen temporarily, then the video  will automatically upload to your timeline. (See picture below, click to make larger.)

7. Click the arrow to start the livestream. Mute your Facebook audio so you don’t get feedback in the video.  (See picture below, click to make larger.)

 Note that people watching on Facebook can chat, but only the participants in the meeting will be seen.  All other features of Zoom can be used (screen sharing, for example).

8. When you are done, click “end meeting” on the bottom bar of the Zoom screen. The livestream will stop in about 15 seconds. After that, the video will automatically be saved to Facebook.  The video can be deleted by you at any time. (See picture below, click to make larger.)