Community Life

We enjoy casual, relaxed fellowship across all ages at St. Jude’s, with fun and social enriching for all.

Everyone, including visitors, are always welcome at our events, whether online or in person!

Join a small dinner group to get to know more people at St. Jude’s!

Small dinner groups meet once per month to form deeper social connections. Like the title, they are small (fewer than 10 people), and the time together includes dinner (we share a meal). As we are not able to get together in person right now, the expectation is that these groups will meet over Zoom until it is possible to get together again. For more information, contact Marcia Landis at or (408) 448-6118.

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We look forward to being together again in person, but at this time we have cancelled all events that cannot be safely distanced. Please join us for online socializing and fun!

All-ages events (current events)

4th of July BBQ and Talent Show: This year it was held on Zoom (usually it’s held in our courtyard), this is an entertaining and sociable way to celebrate the holiday. Afterward, we had a Shared Table event on Zoom where everyone brought their dinner. You may be surprised by seeing some amazing talent!

Car Parade to meet our new Rector: Parishioners were able to see our new Rector and his family, safely distanced! Each family toured through the St. Jude’s parking lot, wearing masks. There were many smiles and shouted greetings.

Some Small Dinner Groups are meeting regularly online and sharing dinner and fellowship.

St. Jude’s Day “drive-through ingathering” was a fun, safe way to see each other in October. Parishioners were able to take communion, donate to Santa Maria Urban Ministries, turn in pledge cards, and get a special surprise with their new photo directory!

“Coffee Hour” after Service on Sunday: Though it’s BYOC (Bring your Own Coffee) now, we get together each Sunday via Zoom for community socializing. The Youth have time in their own breakout room to play games together. Join us by following the link on the homepage or by clicking here.

All-ages events (on hiatus)

Men’s Getaway: Each fall, the men of St. Jude’s are invited for a fun, relaxing getaway weekend in the mountains with plenty of activities available.

Parish Camping Trip or Parish Day out: Over Labor Day Weekend, St. Jude’s households and friends meet at a local park, using Vasona, for a full day of fun, including hikes, nature learning opportunities, games, and more fun.

Summer Potlucks under the Arbor: Enjoy a potluck meal with barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers outside on Wednesday evenings in the summer under our new courtyard pergola. Come for the food, stay for the bocce ball!

Special Receptions in the Parish Hall or Courtyard are offered on occasion. We have many reasons to celebrate or come together for other special occasions.

Women’s Luncheons are coordinated about once every six weeks, around noon, at a local restaurant near St. Jude’s. Recent restaurants for luncheons have been Dish-n-Dash and Aqui in Cupertino.

Women’s Weekend: Each spring, the women of St. Jude’s are invited for a fun and activity-filled getaway weekend.


20920 McClellan Road
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Youth group and Mentors having lunch together in 2017.

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