Safe Park

What is Safe Park?

The Rotating Safe Car Park (RSCP) Program provides a safe location at night for people living in their cars with the program moving to different locations throughout the year. RSCP collaborates with West Valley Community Services and local YMCAs to provide services to our guests.

For more information on RSCP, please click here.

How can I help at St. Judes?

You can help in several ways!

Help is needed for meals and for hosting.

  • Bring a main dish or dessert for dinner on Tuesdays (7:30pm)
  • Bring a light breakfast on Saturday mornings (7:30am)
  • Bring breakfast and lunch pantry items for our guests.

  • Be a host during some morning (7:15am-8:30am) or evening (7:15-9pm) shifts. It’s easy and training will be provided when you sign up.

➤ Because of Covid-19 we will only provide meals to our guests. We will not be sitting down to “break bread”. All meals for guests are handed through the doorway to room 6 in our classroom wing by the on-duty volunteer.

➤ Food dropoff can be in the Parish hall, or with other arrangements with Becky Smith ( or you can call the Safe Car Park phone number at 408-475-1217.

How do I sign up?

Saint Jude’s signups are via (You don’t need to give any personal information except a name and email address.) Simply click the button below, and pick which slot or slots work for you.

How can I get more information on what to do?

If you have questions, need training or need help to sign up, contact Becky Smith at

THANK YOU for participating in this important ministry!


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Youth group and Mentors having lunch together in 2017.

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