We strive to focus our energy and resources to make a greater impact in social justice and outreach in our local and wider communities.

St. Jude’s Social Justice and Outreach ministry exists to inspire, support and sustain parishioners as we all work towards our Mission Covenant goals to live as disciples of Christ in the modern world and to share our abundance joyfully.

We educate ourselves and our parish about the needs of overlooked and under-served people locally, regionally and globally. We identify actions that will make an impact on those needs and that our parish can sustain. Program supported financially from St. Jude’s Social Justice/Outreach budget are often associated with parisioner volunteer efforts.

Click the button below if you are a parishioner of Saint Jude’s and wish to recommend Social Justice/Outreach budget support for specific programs.

St. Jude’s serves and monetarily supports many programs and organizations, such as Santa Maria Urban Ministry and Safe Park. Our new Urban Farm provides fresh vegetables.

We support St. Patrick’s school in Haiti and other support for subsistence farmers in the Central Plateau region of Haiti.

From our ministries at our church, to outreach opportunities locally and internationally, there is certainly a ministry at St. Jude’s that can use your talents!

Distributions Committee

Our Distributions Committee is open to all and decides where to allocate our financial donations locally, nationally and internationally, with oversight from the Vestry. This group also plans special opportunities to serve.

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