Share your Photos

Thank you for sharing your pictures of events taken at St. Jude’s or events off campus with St. Jude’s members.

The photos will become a part of our Photo Ministry, which helps us to share treasured memories and grow in our ties together as a faith community.

Things to doublecheck before sending photos to the St. Jude’s Photos Dropbox:

  • If minor children are in the photo, please make sure that you have received permission from their parents to have them in a St. Jude’s photo (they will not be identifed by name).
  • Discard blurry photos, photos with unflattering expressions or body postures (bent over, for example), very similar photos, or photos with poor lighting, extreme glare, etc. For guidelines on photos, see this document: St. Judes Photo Standards. Please sort before sending.
  • Only send a maximum of 30 photos per event. Of course, we would love to have just a single photo if that’s what you’d like to share!

Photos can be sent to this dropbox:

or click this button:

Questions about how to upload? See this quick tutorial.

Like to take pictures or edit them? We’d love to have you on the Photo Ministry!

The St. Jude’s Photo Ministry creates, maintains and shares a photographic history of St. Jude’s life. It’s a joyful, creative, and challenging ministry, with great opportunities to show people the beauty of St. Jude’s in fun and often moving ways. For more information, please see St. Judes Photo Ministry overview, or contact our office by clicking here.


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